Freya’s 2nd Birthday!


Hi everyone! I really wanted to share with you all, my daughter Freya’s Birthday celebration this past Saturday, August 26th, 2017 (actual birthday is Aug 30th). I just hope you don’t think that I went too crazy for her birthday, its just that I love party planning and creating a fun environment for the kids and for adults to enjoy an afternoon. Party planning is definitely one of my creative outlets for decorating because my mom has shown me the ways on how to make things looks presentable! I definitely got that from her thats for sure. I will mention/link everything that I used if you live in Winnipeg to make your party a wonderful success.

At the end of the day, yes, Freya won’t remember her 2nd birthday party but for me its the memories I want her to know that I truly love birthdays and I love planning them for my kids and that I will cherish forever and I’m really sure she will too!

So first things first is the Balloons, I ordered them thru Party Stuff on Regent (winnipeg) and they were by far amazing to picking colour themes with what I wanted exactly. Heres a picture to explain.


I decided to go with two (2) giant Minnie Mouse Heads and then Party Stuff does suggest with floor length balloons to go with 7 or more in total balloons so I have 8. Especially with color selection I had to have a pink heart cellophane balloon in there to make it stand out.


I also ordered two (2) more balloons with a full body Minnie Mouse and of course a yellow star cellophane balloon in there to make it stand out. This time I didn’t want red for the party I really really wanted more pink elements and I think it looks really nice.


And of course I only had purchased one number 2 for the party in gold and I absolutely love it! This time I used all the colours for the latex balloons and no cellophane since the 2 itself stands out so much! I loved it so much one of my favs and as well as having at least 7 balloons in total. Heres the link:

Other decor pieces that I purchased were from Party Stuff as well included: a few of these Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday signs and as well as that streamers of course no pictures but they are in the reflection of the picture as well as hanging from the side of the sign below.IMG_5371

One thing that is something that I have learned to love is creating such great DIY crafts I made these with my awesome friend Bri! she is amazing, I hope you all find someone like her one day!


Pinterest is seriously such an amazing app! It helps you find some cool and fun ways to make decorations without breaking the bank. So basically how to make these were I found the plates at Dollar Tree and I bought a small size and large black paper plate sizes, the wooden sticks (they didn’t have anything long enough so we put two together. As well as crazy was it for the bow for Minnie Mouse, I found a pink butterfly shaped paper and I literally cut the ends off and shaped it to a bow and it worked magically I know my imagination scares me sometimes. lol!!! and then I just sharpied the knot on the bow part and I used white out to make the white dots and voila glue gun is your friend and everything stays solid. one of my proudest moments because this task was inexpensive but time consuming and thank you to Bri for helping me make these, with two people we flew threw them! xoxo


And of course a Bouncy Castle! Who doesn’t love one!!!! For Freya’s 1st Birthday we ordered from AF Rentals OMG THEY ARE AMAZING! Super easy to work with. So of course I would go with them again. For Freya’s 1st birthday we had a Dora themed birthday but they didn’t have a Dora bouncy castle so we went with Paw Patrol. This time around we used a Princess bouncy Castle which was great considering no one looks at it like it doesn’t match the Minnie Mouse theme.? lol And all the kids loved it, they all bounced until they came and picked it up! lol!!! if you live in Manitoba and need one they have awesome bouncers. Highly recommend.


Last but not least the Cake! omg my mouth is watering! and is seriously so pretty! My friend Melissa Janzen on Instagram under @kayleeandcholescakes does amazing work you should check her out this cake was awesome to look at it was super delicious that it was literally all gone!!! She lives in Winnipeg, if you are looking for a great baker. She definitely my gal to do more future bakings. She also made these super cute Minnie Mouse Cookies they are super delicious and each packed one by one! Just amazing! Tell her I sent ya! IMG_5405

I almost forgot to mention, we ordered from Danny’s Whole Hog from Stonewall, Manitoba. They have a great catering service as well as pick up for all your food needs. My amazing madre made Chilean Meat Empanadas (because I am Chilean) and as well as her famous Spanish Rice, everything was super delicious! I didn’t get a chance to take a picture before most of it was eaten but this is mid of the people eating it. So we had Buns, Potato Salad, Cesar Salad, Meat balls, Pulled Pork, Vegetables and then my moms empanadas and rice. Yes everything was so delicious!

IMG_5369And just a few more pictures of our afternoon! It was truly special. We also had my awesome friend Geo who’s mom makes one of a kind piñata’s so she made one last year for Freya and it was Dora and of course she did not disappoint this year and made a Minnie Mouse one. I truly love when kids hit the piñata and then have their bags ready for the kids to grab all the candy! Of course Freya had the first swing at things lol!IMG_5385IMG_5387


After the piñata was done and over with we sang happy birthday and had the lovely dessert for our friends.


And of course waiting until everyone was happy full and fed we opened presents for our little one all she could do was concentrate on eating her chips she found on the table lol… We had so many pictures to chose from I only will share two of them lol!


After we said our thank you’s to my mother in law for letting us use her wonderful house for this party and for everyone attending. My awesome friend Bri who took most of these pictures for us!!! (forever grateful!!!) was like you both need a picture and my husband is not one to take pictures but we got it!


My awesome friend Geo gifted us the Minnie Mouse/Mickey Mouse ears. Our awesome t-shirts we found online, Jeff’s was from size Large and mine was from Forever 21! Yes! Seriously! Needless to say that it was just a large is crazy with this pregnant belly I actually fit in it! lol! And Freya’s Minnie Mouse shirt was from the Disney Store in Size 4 here in Winnipeg.

I am truly thankful that the day was really honestly perfect! It was cloudy was it wasn’t too hot or humid it was perfect weather to be outside, it was super nice and cool! With and a huge backyard that has an awesome deck to sit outside and a place where kids can run around and enjoy the bouncy castle. I am truly blessed.

Especially to my husband Jeff, for being such a huge super hero with traveling everywhere running all the errands to pick up the necessary items for the party, the cake, balloons and especially the awesome food! While I stayed home to be with our little one making sure she napped so she wasn’t cranky for her own party! lol! Just being a true sport and helping me do this for our wonderful daughter and because I’m super pregnant! (two more months! YAY!) I can’t say thank you enough.

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who came, who showed us so much love and laughed and drank and just seeing you there meant the world to us! … and lastly, thank you Freya for letting me be your mama you are truly the best little human to happen to me and Im so thankful that I can create awesome memories for you when you grow older!!!


XOXO, Leslie

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