Fall Is Officially Here!!!

Happy Labour day everyone!!! I have truly enjoyed this long weekend with a staycation!

I’m seriously so excited now that fall is here for so many reasons! One we are back to routine and that baby girl #2 is coming super soon in October and I can’t wait to see the leaves fall down and its the start of flannel, scarves and boots! The weather is truly showing us more chilly weather which I’m ok with I love hoodies and sweats, seriously my favourites!

Fall is one of my favourite seasons by far! Especially those fall candles and of course you guessed it PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!! LOL

Say what you want, but I am truly a pumpkin lover! I always look forward to fall because it is the one and only time that we get to enjoy pumpkin everything! Pumpkin Pie and of course Pumpkin Spice Latte’s!!! IMG_5765

My amazing friend bought this Starbucks mug for my birthday last year and I’m so excited to use it for the limited time that PSL is available! So today was the day! I went to Starbucks and ordered my grande PSL and wow is it ever a treat!

That is truly how I feel about PSL or anything pumpkin. It is a special treat you get to enjoy near the end of the year for a short period of time. Its not year round thats why I love it. I look forward to it and every time I take a sip I fall in love more and more with it!



I don’t know if this mug is available, but I’m sure Starbucks will some sort of similar mugs for this fall season.


If you are not a pumpkin lover than that is absolutely ok. There are a lot of things I personally don’t necessarily love but that is ok too.

So cheers to all my PSL friends and lovers, this ones for you!

xoxo, Leslie

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