Shopology Project Conference 2017

Hi everyone!

Happy Thursday! I recently went to the first ever Shopology Project Conference on Saturday, September 16, 2017. I was invited by none other than Cindy Cannon who is the founder, organizer and creator behind it! She wanted to bring Fashion to Winnipeg, MB. And knowing what I knew I had no idea how amazing the fashion industry in Winnipeg is and I couldn’t be more proud to be from Winnipeg and hear everyones story of how they got started, from the high and lows from starting your own business and creating a clothing line for anyone and everyone to wear. It was truly inspiring and amazing to see how far they’ve come including giving us some tips and tricks on how to make your brand better. There was so many speakers, I’m really sad I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, I had a friends child’s birthday party I couldn’t miss.




Here I’m with the amazing Cindy Cannon from Shopology Project!



Also who better to take than this girl right here who’s got lots of fashion sense on her own. My Awesome friend Amanda! @mandijean86


I also got to meet some incredible bloggers from Winnipeg, including Rheanna @neverseecomesea Such a sweet sweet girl and is a mama as well! So you know we shared a few laughs about our kids!



And of course the most awesome lady who helped out with so much!  She greeted us at the door with such a warm hello its Vanessa @thetrendyfiles who is seriously the most kind hearted people I know!

Don’t forget to check them out!

I also took the time to VLOG this whole experience its on my youtube channel.  Link is in the homepage or here or check the link here as well

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