Top 5 Affordable/Drugstore Lipsticks for Fall (Part 1)

Hey there! If there is one thing that I love to complete a makeup look is which lipstick I am going to wear to finish the look. Fall shades/Bold shades are my absolute favorites!

I simply can’t get enough!

I know it can be hard to decide what colour to get, so I hope my list helps you out. All these shades are found at the drugstore more on the affordable end and that I can’t live without.

So, I’ve put together my top 5 lipsticks that are must haves for fall especially for those bomb MOTD’s! (makeup of the day’s!)

LIPSTICK SHADE 1 – REVLON – #130 Rose Velvet

This shade is simply a perfect colour for those business meetings or going back to school. Its a nice touch of colour for the lips for sure build able and really comfortable on the lips.



LIPSTICK SHADE 2 – RIMMEL – #240 Tower of Mauve

This lip colour is truly a fall and mostly 90’s shade in my opinion! Swatches like a dream and I feel like it would look great on any colour skin tone. Such a nice warm brown shade and love the smell lol.



LIPSTICK SHADE 3 – L’OREAL – #840 Nature’s Blush

This is the perfect nude lip for fall! It’s on the sheer side but definitely build able to wear, its really comfortable on the lips and can we talk about packaging I’m a huge sucker for Gold packaging! lol But anyways it has a warm brown undertone, unlike most nudes that tend to lean pink or peach.




LIPSTICK SHADE 4 – REVLON – #535 Rum Raisin

This colour is such a great shade if you want to add some colour to your look or if you don’t want to do a whole makeup look, just putting this lipstick on and running some errands will make this look like you don’t look naked.




The perfect berry/maroon colour for fall, the most vampiest of the 5. This lip shade is one of my favourites super smooth and I love that a celebrity collaborated with cover girl to create this gorgeous shade!



Let me know if you like this list and what are your favourite Affordable/Drugstore Lipsticks for fall? I would love to hear!

XOXO, Leslie

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  1. Been wanting to try the Katy Perry Maroon meow, need to buy it next time I go shopping. I have a few of her other colors and I love them!!

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