DIY Fall Wreath (Youtube Video)

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I figured since sometimes its easier to read than watch a video or vice versa! I figured I’ll be uploading my new video but also a blog post on how to create a great DIY Fall Wreath in pictures. So I hope this helps, But I will also link the video for you watch as well!

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So if you live in Canada, we have a store called Dollarama and they have a lot of affordable accessories to make wreaths, everything is roughly around $1.25 to $2.00 sometimes more but nothing over $3 or $4 dollars.

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These are some of the decor that I got are large leaves, smaller leaves, felt pumpkins, smaller pumpkins, and acorns, as well as orange and yellow sunflowers.

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And as always your key to making this wreath is having a lot of glue sticks and a glue gun, scissors and a stapler.

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So now for the wreath, I found this wreath from walmart and it was half off as part of the wreath was missing so that was a bonus it was roughly $8 or so instead of $20 which some go by. Of course it was black that doesn’t matter we will be covering it up!

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So to start it off, use the bigger items so which would be these giant leaves to cover all the black and basically glue and staple and cut the stems off. This part took the longest.

Snapshot - 476Snapshot - 477Snapshot - 478Snapshot - 479

Next part I decided to use the large pumpkins since I only had 3 and place them in this manner and use a lot of glue!

Snapshot - 480

Next up is the felt pumpkins, they were unfortunately in a garland strip and so this took a while to cut and separate them. I only used 5 colours, which included 2 orange, 2 maroon and 1 brown and I spaced them around it.

Snapshot - 481

The next part is my fav, because these sunflowers I felt put the look together. So remove the flower from stem and then cut the little stem so that they can lay flat and bend them the other way so they can open up and see their true beauty!

Snapshot - 482

Next… those acorns I bought big ones from the dollar store so I knew I would use two of those, but I had some smaller sparkly acorns that I thought would for sure look great! so fill those in with that glue gun!

Snapshot - 483

Some people would definitely stop there because it does look pretty full and complete, but for me I really wanted to add some more red elements. So I took out the smaller leaves in red and orange to glue inside the part where black is still showing.

Snapshot - 484

Pretty much filling up not necessarily the entire black showing but most of it.

Snapshot - 485

And there you have it, your finished wreath that cost way less than $30 or even $20. ENJOY!!!!

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Thank you so much for reading and let me know if you learned anything from this? Or if you have made a wreath before. This is definitely my first one!

And if you want to see this video I uploaded to my Youtube Channel here is the link!

Thanks for watching!

xoxo, Leslie



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