Happy Halloween! (2017)

Hey Everyone!

Happy Halloween! Or… if its your birthday today! Happy Birthday!!!!!

I really wanted to share my halloween costumes I’ve done over the years including my little ones costumes (my daughter freya).

1. Ugly Betty (2008)

This one was by far my fav halloween costume! I found all these clothes at Value Village and even some from my Grandma’s closet! The glasses I bought at claire’s and i painted the frames red with nail polish and I don’t know how but my mother managed to get these fake braces and was able to stick them on my teeth! how crazy! I won 1st prize at work that year!


2. TOGA, TOGA, TOGA!! (2009)

The year after (2009) is when I met Jeff and there was a Toga Party Birthday/halloween party sort of thing and this was the first time we dressed up together. The one time that my mother made us matching costumes! My mom and a sewing machine are amazing!!!!

TOGAhalloween party10400195_146655025163_2901906_n

3. Barney and Betty Rubble (2010)

Again, my mother and the sewing machine came together for the year after that! This whole costume was made from the fabric store and the bones were from the dollar store! Incredible what an imagination can do! And again the second and last time my hubby dressed up! He’s such a trooper but doesn’t like dressing up but he loves when I do! lol

**note: I didn’t have a costume for 2011 was because I got my wisdom teeth taken out during halloween! How convenient lol! *eye roll***

IMG_7163222222222b&BPicMonkey Image

4. Dora the Explorer!!! (2012)

This was a super fun time! I’m posing with other coworkers in the pic! But you get the gist! I used the same wig I used for Betty Rubble. I found a cheap backpack and everything is stuff that I already have! Super inexpensive!

thumbnail_Hallowe'en 2008 009

5. Party on Garth, Party on Wayne! WAYNES WORLD (2013)

This costume was by the far the funnest and I got to take in my inner Wayne (mike meyers) I dressed up with a coworker and was seriously the cheapest and most comfiest costume ever! Borrowed my husbands work pants and plaid shirt and thats it! And my nephews Guitar! lol


6. Maleficient!!!! (2014)

This costume was super fun! Would you believe I made the head piece from my hubby’s old baseball hat! I followed the way on how to make it from youtube and wow that was a lot of black duck tape and electrical tape! It took me and my family so long to make but defintely worth it in the end. Because that year I won first prize at work! But man oh man those coloured contacts were so hard to put in and I couldn’t even attempt to take out! I made another coworker take them out for me! lol no joke I personally don’t like things in my eyes or close to them! it all worked out in the end. (thank goodness) they came out my eyes were blod shot for the rest of the day! lol

MALEFICIENT2222PicMonkey Image

7. The year I had my little miss Freya! Little Bear (2015)

We didn’t really want to dress up, we were more for handing out candy and plus she was only 2 months old so it was fun to take the pictures and thats it lol! and I was on mat leave during this time!


8. THE JOKER!!!! (2016)

This is the year I went back to work and the year I really wanted to push myself! I was super inspired by Jordan Hanz! (if you don’t know who that is, you should she does incredible makeup tutorials on Youtube!) I remember I woke up really early to do this makeup look and it took me two hours! It was super fun my coworkers couldn’t believe that this was face makeup they all thought I had a mask on! Another year I won first prize! what do you think?


8. Part 2! (2016) PANDAS!!!!

So when I got home from work! Freya & I dressed up as Panda’s! We ended up handing out candy because it was so miserable out that last year as well! But I’m so happy we got to take the picture of us together! such a fun time! Whenever kids came to the door they were greeted by two loving pandas!


9. MINNIE MOUSE! (2017)

You guessed it Minnie Mouse! My daughter loves Minnie Mouse so much! that it just makes sense to make her minnie I’m just happy she let me put on the tutu this morning before daycare and I got to snap a pic of her before hand! I on the other hand am super pregnant due to give birth soon! so I’ll be hanging out at home and handing out candy and we were thinking once Freya turns 3 to go trick or treating we still feel she is too young and small! so maybe next year!



I hope you enjoyed some costume ideas and have a safe and happy halloween! Make sure you inspect the candy that comes your way and stay warm!

Let me know what costumes you have dressed up as and if you are going out tonight or handing out candy to the little kids!

lots of love, Leslie XOXO

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