Top 10 Winter Essentials/Survival Guide To Winter 2017!

Hi everyone!

I firstly, want to say a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends since we here in Canada had ours back in October and to all you awesome people doing some Black Friday Shopping. I commend you who are actually in store as I to was one of those people who drove down to the states across the border to do some shopping! It was my absolute favourite things to do because Christmas shopping was officially done.

So in today’s blog post I wanted to share my Top 10 Winter Essentials more so like a survival guide for this winter as it will be really really cold.

I have recently put together a bunch of my favourite items and as well as products that I feel will be beneficial for us to survive the winter cold and they are essentials to survive the winter cold!

I hope you like the list that I put together and don’t forget to leave me a comment below as to what your winter essential is if I missed it as well as what are your favourite items for winter that are seriously a must-have like your Ride or die products!

1. Comfy Clothes!

This is a must! The hoodie is one of my favs boyfriend style fit and it’s from garage clothing and dynamite here in Canada it is so soft it’s one of my favourite hoodies I just put it on and I bought a bigger size so that if it’s oversized for those comfy lounging evening. Especially since I love LA I’m a sucker for anything to do with Los Angeles and the bear lol!


Sweat pants and comfy hoodies are the best for lounging Netflix and chilling as well perfect for the holidays where there will be a ton of food to get settled in. I got the sweat pants at target mossimo is the brand and they are tapered on the legs and not to thin and not to thick. Absolutely comfortable. I have 3 different colours of these pants!!


(this picture taken from google)


You can buy at the Hudson’s Bay and I have put in an assortment of toques (Canadian) beanies together they are my absolute favs to wear! From the winnipeg Jets, Time Los Angeles and from my awesome friend Elaine Rose Designs!


I also couldn’t help but mention the awesome brand Sly scarves are my main staple! Plaid life! I love this company so much! They are made with love and locally here in Winnipeg! I absolutely love the owner and I love their array of one of a kind scarves especially the plaid flannel ones! Are my favs as you can see I probably own all the ones they have sold lol


Yup! I love my plaid and if you live in Winnipeg, Sly scarves are now selling their awesome products all weekend at the Signatures Craft Show @ the RBC Convention Centre Downtown! Check them out! Free Admission! Nov 24-26!

3. Bronzer!!

Yes! If you are feeling blue or down because the sun is not around then rest no fear St.  Tropez is here! This is my absolutely favourite bronzing mousse the perfect amount of brown and not orange as well as safe during pregnancy for my mamas out there! Also this product is available in Canada and USA!


4. Skincare

When it comes to skin care I truly believe that not one moisturizer is a good one or should I say not one wish Dreiser does a lot of things when your skin is going through many phases especially winter so with the serum is always good with a face and body lotion is always good to have on hand as well as I put in there the Clinique I know that these are all high end but that was not my intention they are just products that work for me I hope you try them out and take these recommendations because they are truly truly amazing products that help my skin especially before pregnancy during pregnancy and after pregnancy.


5. Dry Shampoo

Batiste and Dry Bar are my staples when it comes to dry shampoo! Because when winter is here we don’t want to be washing away all the oils from your hair everyday and dry shampoo can help! Because honestly who has the time to wash and dry their hair everyday, I sure don’t! But with these two products the smell is what gets me anyways and the way it makes my hair feel! Honestly,  if it doesn’t smell right I’m not putting it on! And these are by far the best product to use for not wanting to wash your hair so often. Even after a quick workout spray this and you an go out the door!



With the dry air and heavy winds we need to moisturize the part of the face that gets the most beatings in winter and that is the lips. These are my two favourties Eucerin and Mac lip conditioners I can’t live without them. Such a staple for winter.



7. Coal and Canary Candles

They are locally made in Winnipeg and they are simply awesome! The smell is awesome and I love supporting locally! The owners Amanda and Tom are one of the reasons to buy from them they are just so fun and full of energy and I love their attitude truly people I support! Check them out!


8. Lush Bath Bombs

They are vegan hand made and cruelty free! I love knowing how my product is made and the touch of them hitting your skin feels so nice and so smooth once you get out from the tub I couldn’t believe how soft my skin felt. And honestly who doesn’t love a bath bomb that explodes in the tub and creates tiny bubbles and the smell is to die for it is simply amazing.


9. Movies!!!!!!

Home alone 1 & 2!!!! These movies are me and my husbands favourite movies of all time come around for the holidays! We cannot get enough of this movie we watch it every year is the movie that makes us happy we laugh at the same parts all the time it is such a treat come winter/Christmas we love these movie so much and we always look forward to them and they always make us happy so they definitely a recommendation.


10. Hot Chocolate!!

Who cannot get enough of hot chocolate! Hot chocolate is a staple for winter it is always offered when you go to the hockey rink or when you’re going outside downtown to the forks or there’s always a restaurant or store that offers and sells hot chocolate! It is simply everywhere and being served unless it’s coffee, but hot chocolate is perfect for the whole family everybody likes it from kids to adults, it is such a nice treat! It is one thing that you need to survive in this winter it’s just a warm chocolaty hot smooth beverage.


(this picture taken from google)

Thanks for reading and leave me a comment on your winter essential!

xoxo, Love Leslie

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