Freya & Fallyn’s Newborn Pictures!

Hi everyone!

I really wanted to share my children’s new born photos. It’s just crazy how these kids are only two years apart! Freyas photo shoot was by Pam Godfredsen photography in studio! Fallyns photo shoot was by Cindy Balkwill photography at our home!

Both fabulous ladies are from Winnipeg and both are awesome at what they do!


Freya Noelle!

IMG_3459edit copyIMG_3396edit copyIMG_3762edit copyIMG_3571edit copyIMG_3564edit copy

IMG_3659edit copyIMG_3654edit copy

IMG_3874edit copy

Fallyn Jolie!

IMG_9345-2 copy

IMG_9305-5 copyIMG_9397-2 copyIMG_9386-3 copyIMG_9414 copyIMG_9266-3 copyIMG_9259-2 copyIMG_9527-2 copy

I truly hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

They are simply my most fav pictures of both of them!

Both similar but yet super different!

I hope you can take some of these pictures as inspiration for you when you have your baby and do newborn pictures! 


This one above is going to be my family portrait for years to come! 

XOXO, Leslie

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