5 Ways To Have A Spa Day OR Relaxing Evening At Home!

Hey everyone!

This post will be either you do this before the chaos of Christmas begins… and/or definitely a must have to do after the holidays are over! haha!

But I definitely look forward to doing these almost at least once a week so that my skin is happy and healthy! And just having some relaxing moments to your self because we all have busy lives, it good to sometimes check out! So I hope you enjoy!

1. Vanity Planet Face Scrubber!

This is simply one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I did purchase this around 4-5 years ago and I did use a coupon code at the time to get it for roughly around $45 or so american so whatever that ended up being. But I’ve used it religiously because I have not found something that has got rid of any dead skin cells on your face and gives you a smooth baby soft smoothness! It comes with two different scrubbers, one on a more softer side and the other on a more harsher side both are good! As well as it comes with a  larger scrubber to scrub your body! www.vanityplanet.com



2. Night Creams!

Origins and Olehenrikson night creams and gels are by far my favourite all time skincare  products! You barely need a huge amount, like all you need is a size of a nickel amount to get the lotion or serum to go onto your whole face and neck! I used it religiously during pregnancy and after!




3. Lush Bath Bombs!

I always forget how much a bath makes you feel so good especially the bath bombs from Lush! They are vegan made cruelty free and truly smell nice. The best part is when you are lying in the bath and you can feel that your skin is getting softer and that once you start to rinse off you can feel the smoothness right away! Another product I used during pregnancy and now this mama definitely needs it after, especially with the two kids! lol


4. Face Masks!

My absolutely favourite face masks are from Sephora. Truly any kind of mash from the line is amazing some of my favs are the Honey and Pomegranate and Rose but truly anyone of them are bomb! Because of each one doing different things I truly do notice a different in my skin, especially me who has dry and sensitive skin! These masks don’t bug me at all! Your skin feels tight and smooth almost instantly and instead of having to use another cream if you don’t know what to use. The mask has one built in after you wear it for 15-20 mins once you take the mask off you rub in the left over from mask and bam instant replacement. Like a two for one deal! Lol


5. Teeth Whitening!

Yes this is relaxing to me! I honestly love bleaching my teeth because who doesn’t like a white smile, especially in photos? But who likes yellow teeth? I sure don’t! I use the Crest Whitestrips in Diamond white! You use it for only 30 mins and that’s it! Its crazy how in a week you can tell how much whiter your teeth are getting! I don’t do this often but I do do it I couldn’t do this while pregnancy as my doctor advised me not to, but now that I’m not I can most definitely do it again! #pearlywhites lol


What are your favourite or like a routine you do to unwind? Let me know in the comments below of what do you do to pamper yourself ?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and see you on the next one!

Xoxo, Leslie

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