My Christmas Wishlist 2017!

Hey everyone!

Do you exchange gifts with loved ones? And if so do you create a crazy long list so that you get some stuff from your list? Or make a long list so that it gives your family or friends an idea of what to get you? I definitely do because my birthday is actually this Saturday December 23 and of course Christmas is Dec 25 on the Monday. I honestly don’t lose out because well you know, my birthday is that day and then its basically Christmas.  I basically get all my presents at once so it looks like I get more but sort of 😉 But I’ve been used to that all my life growing up!

So what are you wanting for this year? I’ve never shared before what I’ve wanted, but I thought it would be cool to see what others want or if I’m missing something from my list lol! I’m not going to lie I do have my eyes on a few items and I’m one of those people that if I don’t get some of the products on my list I like to wait until Canadian Boxing Day which is Dec 26th here in Canada and merchandise usually becomes half off … especially the Christmas decor is half price! I cannot wait to do more shopping .. I know sickening right? Lol

Here’s my list!

1. Piperwest/Larsson & Jennings watches!!!

Classic Minimalist Watch in White/Rose Gold EDITED-0003__04013__27178.1465232640.380.507

Gold & White LUGANO JURA MILANESE GOLD 38MM01-lugano-jura-38mm-gold-white-milanese-larsson-and-jennings-watch-hr

Omg! These are to die for! These ones are my absolute favs! *fingers crossed*

2. Another Romper from Smash + Tess

Either another sunday romper in green olive or the Friday Romper which is the long sleeve!


3. Bose Headphones in teal!

I’ve had my eye on these for a long time! Just for when I want to tune out the kids lol! Or just listen to my music and/or podcasts!


4. Sephora Gift Card! 

Getting a gift card is not a bad gift seriously because who doesn’t like to buy their own makeup!


5. Yarn Blanket!

Yessss!!! My sister and I want this blanket so badly! I think we will both wait until after Christmas… its just so expensive!


6. Privilege clothing!!!

Anything from the Sleep by Priv Collection these are some of the clothing I would love to have they look so cozy and awesome!

7. Hunter boots!

Who doesn’t love a boot to go around in the rain in?



What are you wanting for Christmas?

Share your list in the comments below!

Merry Christmas Everyone and I hope Santa comes thru for you! *wink*wink*

But in all seriousness.. I truly want my family to be happy and healthy and I just love getting together with family and eating dinner and having a few drinks together and just laughing! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas celebration or just a relaxation weekend surrounded by loved ones!


Xoxo Leslie

4 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist 2017!

  1. That Yarn blanket looks incredibly cozy. I have my fingers crossed for you! Also, Bose has incredible sound quality in their speakers so those headphones must sound like heaven.

    In case I forget, Happy Birthday in advance!!!

    1. Yessss hopefully one day I can get that hopefully it’s still popular later lol yess I’ve been wanting those headphones for awhile maybe if I don’t get them Boxing Day sale? Lol and omg thank you so much lovely!!! Xoxox December babies rule!

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