Year In Review Of 2017!

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year 2018!!!!!

I know you want to start the year off right looking forward, but I can’t help but reflect on the wonderful year that I had in 2017! Here’s a memory book or year book I should say into the year I had for my family. Enjoy lots and lots of pictures!

Started a new gym and its called Orange Theory Fitness! I heard it from my sister who does it in Calgary and of course I needed a change and I haven’t looked back I even started it with one of my best friends Geo!! One of the best places to get fit and feel good doing it!


In February of 2017! I found out we are expanding our family with another little one and we did a gender reveal party to reveal we are having another little girl!



I attended the Home Renovations show In Winnipeg! and I’m so happy that I got to meet and have a picture opportunity with none other than Tiffany Pratt and Sarah Baeumler!!! I died inside!

In the beginning in May we build our own little garden, well my husband did I helped with planting the garden! Freya helped too! lol 😉


This year I went out of my comfort zone and did my first escape rooms! Wow are they ever tough! 0-2! I need a win!

The first time taking Freya to Tinkertown! That was an adventure at 6-7 months pregnant! Definitely tough but I made it through!

We celebrated Freya’s 2nd birthday! I did a blog post on it! It was truly a fun Birthday!


Freya got a big girl bed! No more crib! definitely a huge moment for mama! I did shed a tear! Of course Minnie Mouse bed sheets! lol


I attended the first ever Shopology Conference here in Winnipeg! I did a blog post and video about it! I was invited by the creator and CEO of it Connie! I also met some amazing bloggers from Winnipeg!

I also went with my family to our first ever Pumpkin Patch @ Schwabe Farms in Manitoba! That was fun but definitely windy! We made it through with my big belly at 9 months pregnant or so!

I finally gave birth to my beautiful second daughter Fallyn on Nov 6th! *blog post is coming on her birth story!**


I got honoured at work for acheiving 10 years with the company! I couldn’t be happier!


I did a paint nite for my birthday with my awesome friends and fab sister! It was super fun! Loving and keeping these memories with me!

I got to attend for the first time with my sister the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Nutcracker! My hubby got me tickets for my birthday and wow was it ever a spectacular show!

We did Christmas pictures with santa a first for Fallyn a third for Freya! We also had the kiddos have a picture with santa and Jeff since Freya was super close to having a meltdown! lol

We celebrated New years at home this year because with baby being new and just so much excitement happening during the holidays we definitely just wanted to keep it chill!


So many many firsts in this post! But one of the best memories this year and firsts was that I started this blog and attached it to my Instagram! I couldn’t have been more happier in my life to share with you my family, my experiences and just everyday life that goes on with me!


Cheers to 2018!

I couldn’t be more excited and optimistic to see what we have in store this upcoming year!

Love, Leslie

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  1. Wow what a year you had! So many memories all while pregnant! Congratulations on your baby girl! She is adorable! Great Post!
    I would love for you to check out my blog and latest post xx

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