Fallyn’s Birth Story!

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Baby #2’s birth story. This story is going to be a touch more emotional so grab a snack and tissue, you might need it! So here is the story of how we got little Miss Fallyn into the world. (NOTE: you are fore warned that this will be TMI!!)

It all started when the month of October approached. I was due October 25th, 2017, according to my doctor, but on my app that I had it said November 5th, 2017. Its funny because everyone who has had a second tells you that this baby will come earlier and that it will be faster etc., (we will get to that later). I had a doctors appointment on Monday October, 23rd and I figured since this is the second time around, my doctor can do a sweep again (sweeping of the membranes in my vagina walls) and that I would feel contractions instantly. When my OBGYN did the sweep she concluded that my cervix hadn’t even thinned out or anything. It was still a thick, which means that in order to get baby out it needs to be thin to get the party started. So I basically wasn’t even close. How devastating! So I left my appointment feeling super discouraged, I called my husband and cried on the phone, he was a positive reinforcement for me. Just calming me down and letting me know that baby will come when she’s ready. I said fine ok. I thought maybe wait until Friday if I don’t have baby and call and get another sweep done. So I did and to my dismay… I was still the same. Cervix was thick and I was barely open for anything to happen. So my doctor ordered an ultrasound or fetal assessment for October 30th. I went in and basically baby’s head was down which was a plus and that everything looked “normal”. I was honestly so scared to have a baby on Halloween. I really didn’t want that to happen but hey if it did then so be it! Halloween came and went. Huge sigh of relief! So now it was November, Fallyn could come anytime now. She didn’t. I saw my doctor on November 2nd, she did another sweep and yup cervix was still thick! (3 sweeps and nothing was happening) My doctor had put me on the induction list and since I didn’t have anything wrong with me. (I know sounds awful, but I didn’t have high blood pressure or diabetes etc.) that I could get bumped out of people who have those things. So I called Friday morning and they told me that I would get bumped to Saturday because I was 10th on the induction list. My heart broke. I couldn’t believe this! I’m over due, super large and I just want to have this baby!. I cried to my husband he told me that Fallyn will be here soon! We just have to wait. Saturday November 4th came around and I get a call from the hospital. My heart is racing I’m sitting there with my husband, nervous and excited! The nurse explains to me that I wouldn’t be getting in that day either. CRUSHED! My heart sank! She tells me the beds are full and that I should be next on the list and I might be able to get in come Sunday morning, but it isn’t a guarantee. I couldn’t handle it and I broke down on the phone with the nurse. The nurse was in shock that I was so sad she was so comforting me and letting me know that there are pregnant women who have diabetes and have high blood pressure and some even came in with their water breaking etc. I was truly devastated. After I got off the phone, I couldn’t hold it together, I started to sob, my husband hugged me and almost started to cry too. He told me its ok Leslie, baby will come soon! That afternoon, Jeff and I took a long walk to Starbucks to just walk and get this baby out. That evening I hung out with my family and I tried laughing her out, bouncing on a ball, drinking raspberry leaf tea and nothing. I even took another bath and I didn’t feel anything. Up to that night all I felt were Braxton Hick’s but no contractions from what I remember on the first time of pregnancy and delivery.  Sunday morning came, my husband and my sister were at my place. My sister told me why don’t you just call and see where you are on the list? I said fine. So I owe having this baby to my sister! I literally called and my heart is in my throat. The nurse answers and tells me that yes come in and we can get you started! I JUMPED SO LOUD! I screamed and said I’ll be there in 15 mins! Tears of joy streaming down my face. But just a side note, my sister who doesn’t live in Winnipeg flew out from Calgary the first time in an attempt to meet the little miss on October 25th my due date and then left Oct 29th. So basically she didn’t miss anything the first time around. The second time my sister flew out was on Friday November 3rd and was going to leave Sunday November 5th hoping to see the birth this time around or have something happen. So my husband, sister and I get to the hospital, we make it to triage and the method of induction they decide to use is Cervidil is a vaginal insert that contains a type of medication called a prostaglandin. It helps jumpstart labor by softening the cervix and preparing it for birth. That’s why it’s typically used in women who need to have labor induced but whose cervix is closed or hasn’t “ripened” yet. So that was me to a T. It basically looked like a tampon and I had to keep it in there. So my sister and I go for walks and walks as you can imagine. Trying to get this baby out we had the Cervidil insert from 11am and by 8pm I finally started to feel contractions. Wow how all those memories came back! That pain was intense. The nurse checked me and told me that I was around 2cm dilated only! Ugh! Not again! Going thru another slow process. So that night my sister and I are talking and she basically changed her flight again and she made it for Monday morning, my sister couldn’t stay any longer than 9am. So my sister and I are walking until basically I can’t walk no more. The contractions are getting intense to the point where I can’t talk and I really have to concentrate on my breathing again. The nurse checks me and tells that I am 4cm dilated! I was so happy, but apparently this time around that didn’t mean anything? I was so in shock. I thought I would forsure be in a room again and do the damn thing! But nope nothing. It is almost 5am Monday morning, basically I have been there for awhile now, finishing our last walk my contractions were so bad that I started to cry for every single one of them! I couldn’t talk just tears flowing down my face. The doctor came in at around 7am and told me that we are going to get you in a room and get you to have this baby and give you Oxytocin again to speed this up! By this moment, I said YESS PLEASE! Lets do it! We all get into room and by the time the nurse is setting everything up or getting things started my sisters time was up… wow! writing this I’m getting emotional. My sister and I are so close it was truly devastating to me that she couldn’t be there for the birth of my second child. I couldn’t stop sobbing. Her too. We both hugged each other so hard none of us wanted to let go! By that time my sister being her awesome self, tells the nurse that she has to be my number 1 and that Jeff doesn’t do well with needles, and with the baby coming out of my vagina, etc. So as my sister leaves the nurse well can’t seem to put my IV in my arm she tried twice and made me bruise. She brings in another nurse and that nurse no problem gets my IV in and I’m telling the nurse to get me an epidural I need it! The nurse reassured me that the anesthesiologist was coming and on his way. So as this is happening I’m still contracting really badly. Finally he puts the epidural in my back and bam! That pain again in my right side of my spine! I screamed so badly and then he tries something else and a huge shock wave to my left knee. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I just wanted to feel relief and I thought am I making a mistake? But I can’t take the pain anymore. So he finally gets the epidural in and I don’t feel any more pain like nothing. Finally relief! I lay down and my legs begin to get numb. Yay! I remember feeling great that now I can feel comfortable pushing. I also did get a catheter for me to pee and boy did I ever! lol So by this time it is roughly 12pm and Im trying to get some rest or what is rest but I knew that once the oxytocin hit me it was going to be fast just like this whole process. I mean well faster than the first time giving birth. lol. It’s 2:30pm and I feel pressure down in my vagina like last time. I told the nurse I think she is coming! The nurse is all by herself and she checks me and is like wow you are at 10cm dilated. I was so happy! So I basically started to push instantly because I wanted this baby out. The nurse is getting set up, and is paging the doctor to come into the room. As soon as the doctor comes into the room I told her flat out that if I need to have an another episiotomy like my first born, please do it and don’t hesitate to do it either I give you full permission. She looked at me in shock and basically said ok then. As I start pushing thru every contraction, the first push was always my best, the second was alright but by the time the third one hit I barely had anything left in me. Truly working out and breathing techniques definitely help prior to giving birth in my opinion. By this time I started pushing really really hard. I was so determined to get this baby out one way or another I wouldn’t give up! By the 30th minute of pushing I was getting so frustrated because this is my second child, shouldn’t the child come out much easier than the first? Thats what everyone was telling me. So I’m to the point of almost passing out while pushing and they doctor tells me that baby girl is sunny side up. Which means her head is facing me. So thats why its harder to push and that the doctor was trying to rotate baby to have her facing away. I was pushing and I knew that maybe the doctor thought I was going to be here for a long time and BAM! She cut me, once again I had been cut and that made baby delivery so much better. I pushed and I pushed and finally baby girls head is out! I could feel her in my vagina! My husband was so excited he kept encouraging me to keep pushing and that she’s coming, she’s coming! I was like I can’t give up now! lol I pushed so hard that the doctor tried to pull her out too but her shoulder got stuck and made a quick popping noise, according to my husband and her shoulder came out but its called shoulder dystocia. Where its comes out and goes back into place. They reassured me that they didn’t hurt baby or anything and very common for babies especially being large in size (yes we will get to that in a minute). So by this time, baby’s half of her body is out and its to the point where I can’t push anymore I feel like this baby isn’t coming out as fast as Freya did ya know? And then finally the doctor told me push really hard. I gave it all that I had and I even screamed in agony and BOOM!! Baby was out! 15 more minutes of pushing seemed like an eternity! They put her on my chest and what do you know this little girl pooped on me too! Seems like they all know that I love poop or something! hahaha! I was so happy and so sweaty and so relieved that baby was out! It took me again all of 45 minutes to push this baby out, the doctor even congratulated me on how amazing of a pusher I was. The doctor said she wasn’t leaving until baby was weighed and I was like why? Whats so special? Fallyn was .2oz off of being 10lbs!!!!!! I was like what! Did I technically give birth to a ten pound baby? I couldn’t believe it, thats why the doctor was so impressed with me pushing because she was brutally honest and told me we would have been here for hours, but since I was so good that it took less than that, she thought for sure I was either going to get a c-section or something. I truly believe the doctors made a mistake on my due date and that if I would have waited any longer and not had been induced, I could have given birth to a 13lb baby! OUCH! I most definitely would have had a c-section thats for sure. I’m so thankful and really impressed with myself and the outcome of this pregnancy I just wish things would have happened on their own instead of being induced. But I mean hey every pregnancy and delivery is different. I’m just happy to have a happy and healthy baby girl that looks like me but with blue eyes lol.  I have two daughters and I couldn’t be more happier. Will I have a third? I’m not sure but time will tell. I’m just so happy!

A huge shoutout again goes to my husband who was simply awesome this time around again. I couldn’t have done this without him! A huge shoutout goes to my sister who did help along the way we just missed it by another 6 or 7 or so hours. I would have loved for her to be there. Maybe for number 3? *wink* *wink* lol


Me finally getting contractions!IMG_7321


That moment they put her on me!IMG_7363

My BIG Little Fallyn!


Its a party in here!

Here are some other photos from the newborn photoshoot!


I love my little family!

To all the moms out there who have done two pregnancies and deliveries I definitely feel your pain and salute you! This isn’t easy but in the end God will not give you something that you can’t handle!

Xoxo, Leslie


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  1. Loved reading this! You’re so strong! I totally bawled when Laurie didn’t come on her due date! And she only came 2 days later! Lol, I totally get that anxiousness to just have your baby already!

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