Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful Valentine’s day!

If you are currently single or in a relationship, I want you to know with a day like Valentines day, it should just be shared with people who you love! Your family and friends are the most important people to share laughs and fun with.

Enjoy today with either drinking some tasty wine or indulging in those ever delicious chocolates! I am not going to lie, I buy myself wine and chocolates on days like today, not because my husband doesn’t love me or buy me anything but because I know what I like and why set expectations on someone else who might get it wrong or whatever. I would rather buy myself something and let my husband know that this makes me happy! True story!

Thats one of the best characteristics I love of my husband who truly agrees with my thoughts and supports my ideas. Especially now with two girls, we love to make valentines day more special for our kids to enjoy! Just spreading the love with our family!




xoxo, Leslie

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