4 Months Postpartum Means…. Hair Loss!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to talk about one part of postpartum that affects most women after giving birth. It’s hair loss! And it’s one of those moments when you reach roughly around the 4 month mark of your babies life and all your luscious locks begin to go down the drain … literally!


I may have been naive with my first baby that around the 4 month mark I started noticing my hair falling out. Not just solely in the shower, because for me that is normal when some hair follicles fall and go down the drain. But the strangest part was that when I woke up from sleeping … and all over my pillow… hair! Every morning while brushing my hair… more hair! The amount of clumps that would fall out while brushing it with a single stroke. I was devastated! I couldn’t believe that I already endured all the emotions of being pregnant let alone giving birth and recovering from birth. I felt like really?! Another thing to happen to the me as the mom… ya know?!


The first time it happened I was in utter shock and I felt so sad because I know it’s only hair but it’s my hair that didn’t deserve to not be attached to my head! I didn’t throughly realize it until my hairdresser pointed it out! All along my hair line it thinned out and so many baby hairs emerged! Not my ideal situation… I think I cried on and off for a few weeks. Why is this happening to me? So I of course go to google and do my research on hair loss postpartum and it’s completely normal, but how though? How can this little miracle take away hair from me? I felt betrayed by the hormones my body was creating and I guess adjusting to. Not something I was happy about, but I guess I realized reading about it, that it happens to most women and that its just the rise in hormones during pregnancy keeps you from losing your hair and then after you delivery baby the hormones return to normal levels, which allows the hair to fall out and eventually return to the normal cycle of hair growth. So basically its completely normal. But at the end of the day.. Whhhyyyyyy??!?!!?? Waaahhhhhh!!!! 🙁


I’m not going to lie I felt ugly for some reason. My hair was thinning out and it wasn’t as full or thick like before. Whenever I put my hair up in a high pony tail I had peach fuzz frizz aka curly baby hairs at the back of my neck and it was so hard to tame, with them being so short. I used so much hairspray and so many bobby pins. When I would work out I would have to do a lower pony tail, when all my life I’ve always had a high pony. Ugh! More annoying than anything. Especially when it came to straightening those dang hairs. I kept burning my scalp, not cool!


The day Freya turned 1! I couldn’t believe the amount of hair regrowth and how it took so long let alone made my hair look somewhat better put together. I guess in the end I couldn’t be mad at this situation since it is just hair and that at least my hair does grow back. It is completely normal and happens to most of us. I think I’m currently having a harder time this time around with Fallyn. I’ve approached the 4 month mark and wow I almost forgot how much hair actually does fall out especially in the shower. It is so incredibly gross and like literally clogging up the drain! I hate having to constantly buy drano or liquid plumber to solve this issue. But in the end… what can I do? Nothing! There is nothing I can do to make my hair grow faster or thicker. I just have to wait again until Fallyn turns 1 and finally have my hair back to normal for the rest of my life, well until I start getting older.. you know what I mean. I know that this hair loss is truly only temporary and I will get my hair back. I have to have faith and patience knowing that my hair will come back and be more beautiful and come back stronger than ever. I have to start focusing on the positives instead of the negatives. I mean its easier said than done, when you see all the hair on the bathroom floor. I know that I have to trust in this process I will succeed and my hair will regrow. This will take time. As long as I’m happy and healthy I will see my hair grow to its full potential.


What postpartum thing has happened to you that you were not a fan of? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

To all my mamas out there that lost your hair after baby, just know that you are beautiful and you are not alone and I am with you.

xoxo, Leslie


6 thoughts on “4 Months Postpartum Means…. Hair Loss!

  1. I didn’t mind too much when the hair fell out, it was when it started growing back that drove me bonkers! I had little hairs sticking out everywhere! Great post

    1. Aww thank you ! It happens to most people.. some of my friends it didn’t happen to but they had not so great delivery.. so I guess it depends on the person! Thank you for commenting! Xo

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